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Aries Pools is a Certified Pool Operator

Should a storm event occur Aries Pools can help! We can schedule a time for one of our dedicated team members to help you clean your pool and restore it to normal condition after a storm event. Our devoted technician will skim, brush,and vacuum your pool. They will also empty all baskets including the pump basket. The technician will also perform a water chemistry analysis and will make any appropriate adjustments if necessary. The technician will check the psi on your filter and backwash if required. If you have a cartridge filter the technician will clean your cartridges if necessary. We will also inspect all pool and spa equipment and will advise if any additional damage has occurred and what steps are necessary to correct any potential problems.   

Storms, rain, and wind are a normal occurrence in Central Texas and on occasion can cause damage to personal property including your pool and spa systems.

Usually these storm systems are not of a severe nature and the only nuisance is a few extra leaves, dirt, and other debris in your pool however it is essential that this unwanted material is cleaned as soon as possible to ensure no additional damage is done to your pool or equipment. Storms can also upset water chemistry so it is important to test your pool water and make any adjustments if necessary. On rare occasions storms can cause more significance damage to your pool and spa equipment.


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